Our mission

It is difficult to change habits, especially in the context of important and special jobs such as the printing industry, a concentration of high technology and innovation. But it is precisely for this reason that the time to change has come, to move from old habits and traditional products to new habits and new products, innovative and respectful of health, the environment and technology itself.

iWet is the first on the Italian and foreign market, confident and responsible, to bring about a change that  will eliminate the use of solvents and products that are harmful to health, in favor of new products that are easy to use and equally effective and, above all, not dangerous and environmentally friendly.

For this reason born , a complete line of special products for ink cleaning, machinery and components maintenance, for all cleaning needs in the press room in the OFFSET, FLEXO and SERIGRAPHIC sectors, as well as special degreasers for the MECHANICAL sector in general.

All   products are based on the most recent biochemical technology and are characterized by a high degree of innovation and environmental sustainability, completely free of VOCs and without any safety labels.

With   traditional solvents are abandoned completely to make room for new products, not harmful to the user, not harmful to the environment, prepared with new generation raw materials derived directly from sources available in nature.

Excellent allies for blankets, rollers, polymers, anilox and machinery, of which they preserve  durability and quality, ideal for small, medium and large machines in compliance with all the metal and non-metallic components with which printing machines are built.

Make the leap in quality, switch to .