Universal wash for blankets and rollers of Sheetfed, Heatset and Coldset printing machine.

Microemulsion for washing rollers and blankets for bivalent printing. Acts on UV, hybrid and traditional inks. Manual use and automatic systems.

Universal wash for UV, UV LED, Hybrid and Conventional inks, including UV Flexo and Screen Printing inks, both water based and solvent based.
Suitable for all types of blankets and rollers (NBR-EPDM-COMBI), varnish plates and flexo polymers. Ideal for automatic washing systems,

Blanket and Roller Wash for heatset application - High evaporation factor.

Blanket and Roller Rejuvenator.

Hard Ink Remover for Offset Inks - Inks stripper.

High deep cleaning of ANILOX rollers, for all types of inks (UV- water based-solvent based).

Biocide Free Cleaning Concentrate for OFFSET dampening systems.

Pressroom Cleaner Concentrate.

A complete line of cleaning solution with very low environmental impact, VOC-free, solvent-free and with an effective cleaning power.
purE products do not contain VOCs, consequently compared to all the solvents on the market, they do not evaporate. This allows purE to be used 100% as it does not volatilize in the environment, so you will not breathe it and you will have to use much less than a classic solvent.